The Capitol Insurrection- The Suppression of Shock Under The Trump Administration

There used to be a time when bomb threats and mobs inside iconic government buildings were the stuff of tv drama and thriller films, of wild conspiracies and fanatical terrorist plots. Now, it is the main headline of every news channel or newspaper.

There used to be a time where fiery riots and police shootings were shocking, unbelievable news that made you pinch yourself and worry for the order of law and the stability of democracy. Now, in Trump’s America, it is believable and the sense of shock is quelled by fearful expectation and an absence of surprise.

The frequency of abhorrent mass shootings means each fresh atrocity is less startling. The level of police brutality means each police shooting is just another on a disgusting pile. Donald Trump disregarding the consequences of his actions and words, showing complete contempt for the law and stoking anger, fear and violence is just another shameful addition to his list. It is as if lights are flickering on one by one, the first burning your eyes with fiery brightness, but each additional one burns less and less, becoming more acceptable until you can see. Hopefully, that vision now lays bare the worst rots of society, the corruption of identity politics and the damage of a divisive presidency.

The storming of The Capitol was horrific to watch, a symbol of democracy being tainted by the insurrection of far-right domestic terrorists, but in the wake of Trump’s rhetoric of denial and fraud, it wasn’t a startling shock. Since losing the election his childish repudiation of the result, his mob boss intimidation to overturn them and his stoking of the angry fires within his die-hard following created him a zombie-like army of mindless, violent thugs intent on acting out his wishes. Trump had been inviting his supporters up to Washington for the day in which the election was certified since before Christmas, and his speech to them that morning incited action. He effectively ordered his loyal troops to march on the Capitol, to intimidate senators and to take back control. That crowd would inevitably contain fascists, who would inevitably have guns, who take Trump’s word as gospel and the word of the media and government as conspiracy. They see Trump as their commander, and he effectively commanded them to take over the Capitol.

His rebuking of their actions was non-existent. He asked them to stop whilst saying they were doing the right thing, three hours after they had first got into the Capitol grounds. His daughter called them ‘patriots’ whilst his son claimed that the party was now the Trumps own before pledging the old racist slogan of ‘America First’ to the cheering crowd. The continued denial of the Trump family is as dangerous as it is deranged. Instead of acceptance and diverting course down the path of healing, they are risking escalation and more violence. The President of the United States of America has now been indefinitely banned from social media and he should be banned from the Oval Office via Impeachment and banned from the world of politics for good. Before that happens he should try and scrape together any fragments of consciousness he has left and extend an olive branch to begin healing the country that he has ripped apart. We should be shocked by bomb threats and insurrections. We should be shocked by riots and police brutality. We should be shocked by school shootings and the far-right marches. We should be shocked by a president abusing his power and ignoring the rule of law and democracy. Donald Trump has now claimed that the exchange of power will be peaceful, but it will take more than soft words and a new leader to unite the very divided states of America.  

Thank you for reading this opinion piece. I am changing the style of my blog and the topics covered and will be redesigning ASAP. If you would like to share your opinion, please feel free to write a counter piece to be published alongside this one.

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