Brand New Podcast Out Now

It seems you either come out of lockdown with a dog or a podcast, and we’ve already got a couple of pups at home so here is my brand-new podcast. It’s all about driving around Europe and has some great stories and, surprisingly, quite a few facts. Will, Charlie and I talk you through our misadventures from some of the continent’s finest cities, beaches and mountains. The first episode is all about the running of the bulls in Pamplona, with a quick history of the fiesta and our experience of that crazy event. It’s a good guide to the fiesta and how not to do it and there are some strange tangents about what type of cow we would most like to be and what Gloucestershire’s version of the bull run is. It is a first attempt and a bit rough around the edges, but stick with it, we are getting better. It’s a good listen if you are out on a walk or busy in the kitchen, or anywhere you listen to podcasts really. It is available on Spotify or Anchor, and in a few days, it will be on iTunes and Google Podcasts. I would really appreciate any shares and reviews to get it out there (even if you don’t listen to it). Hope you enjoy…

Spotify link:

Anchor link:

Pocket Casts link:

Available on Spotify
Bull Run Uniform
Available on Pocket Casts

4 thoughts

  1. Would appreciate a little nudge if you could let me know when it’s on Google as I tend to do my podcast listening there.
    If it’s half as enjoyable as your blog posts often are then I’m sure it’s a podcast I’ll enjoy 🙂

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      1. Just listened to the first episode – a good start. Glad there were no arrests to start your trip! Haha


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